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Ladybug Class

Age 2-3


Ladybugs experience a warm, nurturing atmosphere in which teachers lovingly interact with the children as they care for their needs.  Our toddlers are tended to in a manner that helps develop trust in their surroundings, teachers and peers.  In the Ladybug class, children are encouraged to develop independence while maintaining a sense of security.  The curriculum centers on the interests of the child, their investigations, curiosities and incorporates a generous variety of sensory and outdoor activities.

NO POTTY TRAINING is required for our Ladybug friends, those skills are learned as part of their life skills curriculum.


Caterpillar Class

Age 3-4

With their newly-found independence from diapers, our Caterpillars are potty-trained and ready for their next adventure.  Daily activities are planned around units of study and themes /topics that reflect the children's interests and provide meaningful and purposeful learning experiences. A balanced schedule allows for development in both individual and group settings.  Stories, music, language experiences and discussion take place in small and large groups.  Individually, children choose learning center activities in which they can work and play alone, in pairs, or in small groups.

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Butterfly Class

Pre-K for Ages 4+


Our Pre-K students are challenged intellectually and developmentally to ensure they receive every possible advantage heading off to elementary school.


Kindergarten preparation is the primary goal for this group.  Activities focus on phonics, writing skills, science, math and language. Children leave our program fully prepared for the challenges of Kindergarten and are often ahead of their peers.

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